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Re: [IP] Questions about long-term pump use

>Fortunately, this kind of insulin-resistance is rare, and subsides >after a 
>time, at which point, insulin requirements return to normal.

This could be my answer, since I do have some immune system boo-boo's (as I 
call them).

>This brings to mind a few questions: how long have you been diabetic? >How 
>old are you?

I'm 31 (32 this summer)

>Are your hormones changing?

Other than normal "girl" stuff, I doubt it.

>Is your weight changing?

I keep losing.

>Has your exercise routine changed?


>Have your eating habits changed?

I'm eating less since starting the pump.  Other than that, I tend to eat the 
same things in pretty much the same amounts as I always did.  (Habit, and 
ease of carb counting, I suppose)

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