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[IP] Re:Vials of Life

Jenn email @ redacted wrote:
"No, I don't think I'll be putting stickers anywhere."
Vials of Life can be a lifesaver literally for someone who lives alone in a
community attuned to having these.  My now deceased mother had one, had
hypertension, other problems.  In the vial (which BTW was like a large
plastic cigar tube, white with a red cross on it) she kept a list of her dx
(diagnoses), meds, doctors' names.  One day, neighbors heard her TV on as
loud as it could go, called her, no answer, called police who arrived,
looked for and saw the sticker on the frig, called for an ambulance even
before seeing that she was lying on her bed. Paramedics arrived in about 5
min, checked her out, called her primary MD, transported her to hospital.
She'd had a stroke, and hearing was impacted.  She never regained any
hearing.  Without the vial, sure they would have thought she was just some
"old crazy woman" and wouldn't have responded to getting medical help so
We don't have this program where we live now, but have made our own (each
has name on outside) with note posted to frig in large red letters: "MEDICAL
INFO ON TOP SHELF IN MEDICATION BOTTLES" so if one of us were alone, needed
help, info would be readily available.
Marj of Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list);
and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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