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RE: [IP] It's been a while...

I have been through 3 preg.(4 children).  I was delivered as late as 38 weeks with the 3rd baby.  The twins were 36 weeks and the last was 35 weeks.  I had c-sections with all of them.(Toxemia with the first and last preg.)My OB was very conservative and didn't want to risk me laboring.  My last baby weighed 6 lbs 14 oz at 35 weeks.  She surely would have been huge if she had gone to term.  I don't imagine she will be too big to deliver.  I knew a woman with gestational D who delivered 10 and 11 lb babies.  I am impressed that you have done so well.  My A1Cs were as low as 3.4 and as high as 5.9 during my preg. but I was in the honeymoon phase with the first preg.  The other 2 preg. my A1cs were between 5 and 6.
I have 4 daughters, and I know you will be so glad when this is over.  I do know that maternal D slows down the baby's lung development, but I would imagine at 38 weeks you will be fine.  All of mine were, even at 35 weeks.  Good luck! Please let usknow when she arrives!
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