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[IP] It's been a while...

Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I've visited the IP site, but I wanted to write
while I have the time.  I am now in my 37th week of pregnancy and doing
well.  My endo at the Joslin Clinic is very pleased with my blood sugars
and how well things have gone.  My A1C was 5% when I got pregnant, got
up to 7% at one point, but is now down to 6%, so he assures me that I
have been well controlled.  My OB wants to induce me on March 11, but
will do an amniocentesis first to be sure the baby is ready for
delivery.  I'm a bit worried about the amnio and also about the
induction.  My last ultrasound indicated the baby was 6 pounds, and I'm
afraid she's going to be too big.  I get another u/s done this Thursday
to see how much larger she's gotten.  I'd sure appreciate any input,
advice, suggestions, or just personal accounts from others who have been
through this.  
Thanks so much... Heather (new email address... it used to be HYPERLINK
"mailto:email @ redacted"email @ redacted)

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