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Re: [IP] Re:The MedicAlert issue

At 09:39 AM 3/5/02, you wrote:
>Hello, all -
>When I went on the pump last May I finally got a MedicAlert bracelet, with
>my major illnesses engraved on it (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)  The rep
>at MedicAlert assured me that everyday showering, washing dishes, etc.
>would not harm the finish of the bracelet or the engraving.
>However, I find that after several months the engraving was all but
>unreadable, and in an emergency situation would not be acceptable.  When I
>called the company they agreed to send me a replacement (and did), but my
>question is now what will prevent the same thing from happening again?
>After about 3 weeks wearing the new bracelet, I can already tell the
>letters aren't as "dark" as they were when I got it.  Is it too much to
>expect the engraving to be permanent?
>Any comments would be welcome.
Barbara, you didn't mention which material yours is made of.  I've had the 
gold bracelet since about 1995, and although it's scratched somewhat, you 
can still read the engraving.  If it's silver, that may be your 
problem.  silver and diabetes don't get along too well.

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