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[IP] Re: Question re site change

<<> Every time you insert a used needle into the cap of a bottle of insulin,
> you have  contaminated the contents of that bottle by subjecting the
> contents to whatever is on that needle.

But if the only thing the needle has touched is the insulin bottle and the
insulin, there's no contamination.  And if the inside of the tube and
reservoir is the only thing the insulin has touched, it has remained in a
sterile environment, and there is no contamination.>>

When Claire was Dx, we were told to wipe the top of the insulin vial with an 
alcohol wipe.  After a few months we had an appointment with a paeds. endo 
unit and the nurse told me that this was completely unnecessary.  The unit 
had conducted tests and found that "nothing would grow on insulin", thus we 
didn't have to worry about contamination.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire dx in '97
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