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Re: [IP] What was the conclusion? High after site change?

On 4 Mar 2002 at 12:03, William Eddie Hollyfield wrote:

> Hi,
> What means leave the old site+the tubing? Under these conditions of
> absorptions and time left in will deterime insulin used from the old site?
> Stress. body temp will determine insulin adsorbed. Thanks Eddie 
Cheryl makes no mention of the tubing being left at the site.  I believe that she is speaking of the infusion set only, and in this instance she is referring to the Quick sets 
that Gabe was using.  Other types of non-disconnectable, non-teflon sets would require a different process.  YMMV.

> > Marion,
> > Did you remove the old site from his body when you did the site change?  If
> > you did, he may have had some leakage of the insulin pooled at the catheter
> > site when you pulled it out.  Many of us find if you simply connect to the
> > new site and leave the old site in place for a couple hours before pulling
> > it out, the post site change highs do not happen or are less severe.
> > Cheryl

George     ;>)
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