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Re: [IP] Question re site change

> Evelyn Lieberman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> > Every time you insert a used needle into the cap of a bottle of insulin,
> > you have  contaminated the contents of that bottle by subjecting the
> > contents to whatever is on that needle.
> But if the only thing the needle has touched is the insulin bottle and the
> insulin, there's no contamination.  And if the inside of the tube and
> reservoir is the only thing the insulin has touched, it has remained in a
> sterile environment, and there is no contamination.
> But suit yourself.  I'll continue to save the unused insulin in my
> sets when I change sites.
> Jim Handsfield
> email @ redacted


I think you are correct - so long as everything goes correctly. The issue in
my mind is that  this sort of reuse procedure has several points where thing
could go wrong and I don't need to take the risk that they might at this

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