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Re: [IP] traveling with pump

I've traveled both to Europe (Western AND Eastern) and East Asia with a
pump -- I have a MiniMed 507c, and so I called them and asked for a loaner
for a back-up -- there ISN'T any FedEx in places like Bucharest or Cheng

MiniMed loaned me a refurbished 506, with fresh batteries; all I had to do
was sign a form that said I would return it by an agreed-upon date. Turns
out I DIDN'T need a back-up, but it was nice to have.

As far as time changes, you have to take it gradually and test more
frequently. Your body doesn't adjust immediately to a new time zone,
especially if it's almost half-way around the world! I changed the clock on
my pump when I arrived, BUT did have some problems with hypos at unexpected
times. However, I think it would be hard to anticipate at what rate, or how
your body adjusts to a new time zone, so I can't suggest any other way to do

The other thing to remember is that when you're traveling, you MAY be
exercising more than usual, so that may affect your BGs too.

So I would recommend testing a lot, and adjusting cautiously -- I wouldn't
want to have a severe, pass-out hypo in a foreign country where I don't
speak the language!!!!

Natalie ._c- who prefers boats to airplanes because they're closer to the
water!!!! :)

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Subject: [IP] traveling with pump

>I want to travel to Europe for a few weeks, and I
>would like to know if anybody has done that with a
>pump. I traveled to Europe about 3 years ago, but I
>was not a pump yet, I just took a lot of syringes and
>everything worked out well.
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