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[IP] Pump Problem...

I've been reading an awful lot of identical "button" problems with the MM508
lately.  Mine did it about a month ago, and sure it's nice that Customer
Service is so attentive and apologetic, however it continues to occur.  At
what point does it become obvious that there's either a design problem with
this thing, or something amiss in the manufacturing and production.

MiniMed certainly must know exactly what the problem is.  They've had to work
on enough of them, according to these postings.  Is it just too expensive to
recall them all and fix them for good?  Sure they send out replacements
immediately, however when it's 8:00 o'clock on a Friday evening (on the east
coast) and you're not going to get that "loaner" until Monday or Tuesday, I
need a little more than a friendly Customer Service rep on the telephone.

It's one thing for a few isolated, unexpected malfunctions.  It's entirely
something different when there's an obvious, documented, known deficiency with
a product.
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