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[IP] Re: hypos should be better/ exercise/alcohol

<I think if you are a person on the pump and <get lows dailey, you need to
<change something. Lows are just as bad as <highs.

Eileen, I agree with you.  I have only been pumping for 2 months and I am
still figuring out what to do with exercise.  I tend to have a low after
exercising even if I reduce my basal to 20% for the duration of exercise.  I
am worried about shutting the pump off during exercise because even if my
blood sugar doesn't go low, I tend to rebound after exercising...and I don't
want to make those highs worse.   For example, after using the
treadmill/stepper for 45 minutes with my basal reduced to 20% my blood sugar
was 6.4 (115 mg/dl) -- perfect...BUT 3 hours later (with nothing to eat or
drink except water) my blood sugar was 17.4 (313)!!!!  Does anyone have any
advice to avoid this?  I'm confused about why it happens.  The other situation
that I am still figuring out is alcohol.  If I have a glass of wine with
dinner my blood sugar will bottom out - I've experimented with reducing basal
by 50% for 2 hours....but I still had a low overnight (may have been a
combination of exercise + wine)...Any advice?
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