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RE: [IP] Meter Question

I beg to differ on the idea that all meters are precisely accurate.  My
husband is a pharmacist and participated in a "trial" at a pharmacy conference
once.  They stuck his (and others) fingers and tested the same "fingerstick"
on 5 different meters. None of the meters read the same.  Some were even from
the same manufacturer. I realize that this was not a scientific experiment by
any stretch, but it proves that you will not get the same reading even using
consecutive blood droplets. I think that all we get are "ballpark" blood
sugars, which is better than old urine tests.  I went to the ER in lactic and
ketoacidosis in Aug. of 99.  They checked my finger and my bg was only 350.
The lab tests that came back(taken at the exact same time)said that my bg was
Just my opinion, which is by no means scientific.

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