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Re: [IP] Meter Question

email @ redacted wrote:

> The OneTouch Ultra isn't extremely accurate, but it is a fast and cool

*ALL* meters - repeat *ALL* meters have the same level of accuracy and
precision.  If they did not, manufacturers would not be allowed to market
it.  For a short time, one company claimed to have a slightly more precise
meter, but those advertisements were pulled after about a month.

> The Freestyle is a better meter and easier to use.

I believe the Freestyle is no longer being made and sold, although strips
are available for it.  LifeScan had too many problems with it.   The next
generation of the Freestyle is the Ultra.  I've never used the Freestyle, so
I can't comment on your comparison.  Suffice it to say, I find the Ultra
very easy to use.

> I use the Freestyle and have tried all different meters. I like the
> the best.

If you like it best, then that's the meter you should use.  But I doubt
you'll be able to find a replacement if yours fails.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

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