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Re: [IP] Durability of a pump

> > This question is for anybody who has been on a pump
> > for longer than 4 years.
> > How often do we need to change pumps?
> When it is out of warranty and it breaks. The pump companies will
> provide you with a loaner while the insurance company processes the
> claim for a new pump. email @ redacted =====
> When it is out of warranty and inoperable MiniMed will provide you
> with a loaner for $495.00 which will be applied to your new pump, or
> you can keep it for that amount. If your insurance company will, it
> is best to get it replaced while under warranty before it breaks.

many insurance companies have adopted the policy that if the pump 
works it will not be replaced. They are not interested in the 
warranty. There are members of the forum that have been refused 
replacement who have working out of warranty pumps. Justification is 
required for upgrading a working pump, just wanting a new model is 
not good enough. 

While I generally don't have much good to say about our "friends" at 
the insurance companies, this is one instance where they are are 
generally on sound contractual and medical ground.
email @ redacted
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