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Re: [IP] Questions about long-term pump use

I started on my pump in July of '01 and also started on Humalog then,
previously being on a 70/30 mixture.  As the months have gone on, I've need
to increase my basal rates also, just to stay even, and then I do good for a
month or so.  Nothing else really changes as my daily life is pretty set
without a lot of variance.  It seems like I am building up a tolerance for the

I did also try Novolog, but it gave me migraines and I had to stop it.

<<<Could this happen with insulin?  I'll be doing fine on a set dose of
(be it in basal rates or injected dose) and then all of the sudden it seems 
that it doesn't work any more.  I increase by a few units, and I'm doing 
good again.>>

Judi in MI
Jath622 <mail.earthlink.net>
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