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[IP] Hypos. Should Be Better with Pump!

Hi, i have been reading the posts. I see alot of people talking of low blood 
sugar. I have had diabetes many years, and had many lows, as low as 19. but 
that was on shots, now that i am on the pump (the lows and being hypo 
unaware) was the big factor for me going on the pump.
Don't get me wrong, i still can get low, for no reason. but not like when i 
was on the shots. I do a temp basal for anything like cleaning and or 
I think if you are a person on the pump and get lows dailey, you need to 
change something. Lows are just as bad as highs. I really think the pump has 
helped me with my lows and i can feel them coming on alot better. I think if 
you are low all the time, your body gets use to it and that is why you don't 
feel them. Take Care Eileen.
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