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Re: [IP] What was the conclusion? High after site change?

> Yes, we removed the site so he he could shower without a site.  Why would insulin pool at a site?  That doesn't make too much sense to me; if it is pooling, then it is not getting in and doing its jo> 
> Marion

That is the way insulin works. The insulin molecule is very large and 
has two shapes. While it is in the bottle and when it is first 
injected it is in a bound or coiled shape. As it changes to the 
linear shape it is taken up by the body. The tricks that Novo and 
E.Lilly played with their insulin-analogs speed this deployment. 
While "waiting" for this to happen is pretty much sits where it was 
injected or infused. 

When you remove an infusion set, two things happen.
1) you almost always do some minute tissue damage which can impede 
absorbtion and.
2) body fluid and insulin can leak out of the wound. If you carefully 
inspect the site immediately after removing a set, many times you 
will see a bead of clear fluid "grow" at the site. This is a mixture 
of body fluid and "maybe" insulin, depending on how recently you 
infused. If you recall the size of the 5u droplet when you do the 
last prime on the pump before insertion, you realize that an awful 
lot of insulin can potentially be lost when a set is removed prior to 
the absorption peak for the insulin you use.

2hrs for Humalog, Novolog/NovoRapid
4hrs for regular insulin

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