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As a family we cannot say enough GREAT things about a Disney trip. Our
daughter was diagnosed while there for a vacationat age 8. Let me reiterate
the good points. Middle of the night and a very sick child, no problem a
Disney employee drives you to the nearest pediatric hospital. Need to go back
and forth...hey no sweat. Need help with your extra child while you are panic
stricken at the hospital in a city that is not home...no problem, they can
handle it. Your newly diagnosed child released form the hospital with a day
and a half left of the vacation and you do not know how to get all the correct
foods at the right time. No problem, their restaurants etc. make up special
meals that meet the requirements you need without a complaint. The dessert
chef at the Brown Derby even stopped his work and designed a dessert that Sara
could eat. It seemed everytime we had a request a Diabetic employee was there
to help Sara finish up her vacation.
We have been back since and the service was the same. If we mentioned a
special need, they bent over backwards to help Sara out.
Needless to say we try to anticipate various problems and situations and have
the necessary supplies with us. Should we not have something or should the
situation get out of hand, at Disney World an ambulance can get to a park
attendee in 4-5 minutes.  Try to get that service from most local
Long lines, read the books on Disney World that you can take out at any
library or buy at any book store. There are great hints on when and how to
avoid the worst. During the Electric Light Parade everyone is standing along
the street watching...virtually no lines at most attractions. There are two
parades per night...lots of time to get in those toughest rides.
Staying on property is much, much easier. Nothing is nicer than going to your
air-conditioned room or the pool during the day while others are sweating in a
line. Fall is a great time to go. A three year old. You will enjoy the child's
delight more than she/he will enjoy the sights/rides. So, plan the trip
accordingly. But I bet the pictures will be adorable.
Pamela, mom to Sara 15, and she still loves Disney World.
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