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[IP] Pump Problem...

Hi Guys,
After several times in the past few weeks stating that I had never had a
problem with my MM508, the kiss of death happened.  I knew I should have
knocked on wood.

On Sunday afternoon I went to bolus for lunch and the pump reset immediately
after I pushed the up arrow.  I thought it was odd, and tried again.  Same
result.  I could use the SEL and ACT buttons so I ran the selftest which
came back ok.  Strange...so I tried to bolus again and had the same problem.
However, this time I got an E01 warning which sets everything to 0.  Which
meant I was getting no basal and couldn't reset the basal since the up arrow
was 'shorting' it so to speak.  Of course I called up MM Support and they
were great.  They are sending me a new pump, which will get here tomorrow.
So I am bummed that I am back on injections until then.  The weird part was
it had been working fine that morning and I hadn't dropped it or had static

So after 2.3 years of pumping, I had my first problem with my pump and MM
seems to have come through with flying colors so far.

I have gained an HUGE new respect for my pump and the control it gives me,
with my range since this time yesterday of 54-393 only on shots of Humalog.

-- Sherry
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