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RE: [IP] Meter Question

As far as I know, the One Touch Profile and One Touch Basic are the only two
lifescan meters that use the same strips.  The other meters have their own

Now that said...there is a new Lifescan meter called InDuo.  My mother
in-law got one from her doctor.  I believe it is a combination of the One
Touch Ultra and an insulin pen so it probably uses the same strips as the
Ultra.  You can dial up and inject with the meter.  She was really excited
about it because she uses an insulin pen with Humalog and takes Lantus.  I
have mixed feelings about it.  I have a lifetime supply of syringes even if
I was still injecting do to my 4 a year habit.  :)  And I don't have to deal
with the insurance company to approve the cartridges or needles that the
insulin pen requires.  But it does sound handy if I was out and a set

So has anyone played with the InDuo yet?  
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