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Re: [IP] Re: Marion - high after site change

Even with injections, a "shot in the butt" was much slower than the arm or abdomen.  In fact Eli Lilly, the maker of Humalog, has posted charts showing that the arm/abdomen is almost 87 minutes faster than other sites.  The slow decrease in b.g. with a correction bolus has been a GREAT source of confusion.  A shot in the arm lowers b.g. almost to normal within an hour.  When I saw or see a correction bolus with the pump do nothing for an hour I PANIC and assume the pump is not working...I am getting used to it.

SO that leaves, changing to Novolog (which is about 30 minutes faster starting) or using injections to bring down high b.g.s, or simply expecting a delayed response to the high b.g.correction bolus.

Using injections is not so great; if it is a new site,  I need to know ASAP if the site is not functioning by using it to bolus ASAP.  I would hate to have the site surprise me many hours later.  Gabe cannot use his abdomen which is a lot faster; both the Sil and the Quickset in the abdomen were uncomfortable and lasted only 24 hours; he is too muscular.  SO that leaves Novolog or "live with it".

I notice that meal boluses start much later in the butt site; with injections in the arm, he drops slightly one hour after every meal and then rises; with the pump, he has to bolus at least 10-15 minutes before a meal to get the same or slightly higher b.g. after a meal.

Oh well; none of it is relevant til I can get some fasting profiles and set the basals.  Then I will do a drop profile for a unit of H given by pump in the butt site.  I have a drop profile for H injection in the arm and it is VERY FAST (starts in 5-15 minutes and does most of its job in an hour).

The best thing of all is to avoid high sugars; we certainly never had this high of sugar with MDI for quite some time; but it is a learning process.


(going to take a nap)
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