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Re: [IP] Re: Marion - high after site change


I sounds like you guys are making real progress. Just 1 minor point. Some of
your aggravation seems to be related to the insulin bolus not knocking his
BG down as fast as you expect. That may be a reality that you need to adjust
to. I know that in my case I rarely see much of a decrease in BG in the
first hour after bolusing. In fact if the bolus is administered for the
correction of a rapidly rising BG the 1 hour + BG may still be going up. If
there is food involved then all bets are off. In that case I can make no
meaningful decision about the bolus based upon a 1+ hour BG measurement.
Sometimes it is up and sometimes down at that point. There are just too many
variable involved - content of the meal, digestion rate, timing of the food
vs. bolus, activity, etc.  I almost always avoid making any decision based
upon a 1 hour measurement. My real point however is that response to the
bolus may just be inherently slower than you have experienced with
injections. There are a number of reasons why this may be so. The main one
that comes to my mind is that if there is any sensitivity at all to the
Humalog then a "fresh" site may absorb faster then an older one. This is
certainly the situation is my case. Also if you were injecting arms you may
have been in or nearer to muscle than you are with the infusion site
resulting in faster absorption.

Anyway good luck.

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