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[IP] Re: Marion - high after site change

Thank you for the kind reply...yes, when b.g. is high, then the replaced 
basal probably won't be enough either.  In the future, I am going to replace 
the basal and give enough to bring the b.g. down.

Either that, or simply leave the pump connected til the new site is in and 
the prime and reconnect.

It is QUITE a job getting used to the missing Ultralente; highs have possible 
causes such as bad site and lack of basals; with MDI, highs were not enough 
short-acting insulin for a meal, illness, high fat/high protein meal or 
stress.  Now you add a couple of factors that I am not used to working with.

The same thing happened overnight.  I got his b.g nicely back to 97 at 10p.m. 
bedtime and it slowly rose to 246 by 1 a.m.  Correction bolus at 1 a.m. did 
nothing and he was still 246 at 2a.m.  I was proud of myself; went back to 
sleep and waiting til 3:30 a.m. and he was 135 and this morning at 6:00 a.m. 
he is 93.

So, it is the basals.  And, the site in the butt is really a slow starter.  
At 246 a correction dose in the arm with a syringe would have him back to 135 
in 1 hour.

I think I am going to try to work at home today and get a nap!!!.

I really do love the pump.  This is what got us through; I told myself: "We 
are not going back to shots.  Period.  So let's handle this with the pump, 
even if it means injecting til morning and another site change.  Whatever it 
takes, we will do it with a pump and shots only for emergency."

Well, we made it through another 12 hours......

Thanks again

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