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Re: [IP] What was the conclusion? High after site change?

At 10:48 PM 3/3/2002, you wrote:
>Yes, we removed the site so he he could shower without a site.  Why would 
>insulin pool at a site?  That doesn't make too much sense to me; if it is 
>pooling, then it is not getting in and doing its job.  Is there somewhere 
>I can read about "pooling at the site"?

What they ment by "pool at a site" is that when you bolus or even during 
your basal increments you will have some pooling of insulin where the 
catheter meets the flesh and since insulin is not instantly absorbed you 
will have some "pooling" until the body absorbs the insulin.  What can 
happen is when you take out a site it opens up a "channel" of least 
resistance for the pooled insulin to escape from the body..  Some people 
leave in a old site for anywhere between 30 minutes to hours.  Me 
personally I do not I have my own method..  This is one thing which trial 
and error really plays in a factor for which works best for you.

Brian Carter
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