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[IP] Re: visit to Disney World

I have not been to Disney World but my father-in-law has and said he was 
incredibly disappointed with the experience, especially for the price. Disney 
has an amazing marketing reach and it's very effective at convincing people 
that the experience is second to none. Granted, my father-in-law is 72 and 
isn't really the target audience, but he has a lot to compare to because he's 
traveled all over the world. It seems if you want to do something for the 
kids, they would enjoy a lot of things for less money and really won't hold 
it against you that you didn't take them to Disney World.
Where do you live? Is Disneyland a cheaper option?

In a message dated 3/2/02 6:23:35 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Hey,
I am thinking about going with our 2 grandkids, 3, 7. Travel opts air, train 
or van(2 days ). 7 Days there.

Has any one done it. It sounds a lot of effort and if it weren't for the kids 
I would say no.
Need advice-help.
Eddie >>
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