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[IPn] Chat announcement For March please save!!

Pumpers and Friends, 
 Chat announcement 
     Okay, you chataholics--we now have chats every  day of the week. Below is IP's schedule of weekly, 
moderated (i.e., you know there'll be at least one other person in the room!) chat times. The chat  rooms are open anytime, to any member, so feel free to chat whenever. Also, these times below don't  change, so mark your calendars--if you miss one this week, there's always another at the same time next week.  Please remember that the chatrooms are open  24/7. If you need to talk or can't sleep, feel free to drop a note to the list that you are in chat and  what room you are in and just wait someone will come. IP has members from all over the world someone 
is always up! When I was in hospital, I chatted with peoples from UK, Germany, and OZ. They were my 
lifelines to the world. And now that I'm home 24/7, I am on-line most of the time. I know that members from other parts of the world, do chat so if you  like to set up a time and day you would like to host a chat send me a note (IP has a great group of chat hosts that would love to help you start a new chat and all it takes is some time management). Remember that all chats  are available in the MEMBERS only area of  the web  site. You can view the transcripts of all chat  sessions in the archives for later reference. Most of the time when we have a guest speaker in chat  they take place in the Guest Room. 

 Stefanie (Tink)Lana-Dingwell email @ redacted   and Dauna Breiding email @ redacted  are 
teaming up to do a chat on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EDT (2a.m. GMT) in the Anytime Room. 

 Animas on the First Tuesday of the month at 9P.M. EDT (2A.M. GMT) in the Guest Room.  Do you know the Advanced pump programming ; how to make your pump really work for you.

Wendy email @ redacted  and Cherry Dumas  email @ redacted  is hosting a chat it the Anytime 
room at 9:00P.M. EDT (2:30 a.m. GMT) When Wendy is joined in chat by Deb Graves email @ redacted 
in a Late night chat 
 Andrew Bender email @ redacted  and Ed Marsh  email @ redacted  are teaming up to hosts a 
Wednesday night chat at 9 p.m. EDT (2 a.m. GMT) in  the Anytime Room. 
Wendy email @ redacted  and Cherry Dumas email @ redacted  and Fred Torch email @ redacted  
will be doing chat every Thursday at 9 p.m. EDT (2a.m. GMT) in the Anytime Room. 
Friday night at 9p.m. EDT (2 a.m. GMT), Dauna Breiding email @ redacted  and Ken Buchholz 
 email @ redacted    and Tina Chuhay  email @ redacted  are hosting a TGIF chat. 
Glenn Marks email @ redacted  and Laura Cackowski email @ redacted  at 9p.m. 
EST (2a.m. GMT) Come and join Glenn and Laura in  this Saturday chat. 

Come to chat at 8 p. m. EST in the Anytime Room co-hosts Ed Marsh email @ redacted  , Jenny  Sutherland email @ redacted  , Roselea  email @ redacted  . You asked for an early start time so check it out. 
 Also, let me know if you're interested in hosting a chat at any other time. We'd love to have more 
 volunteers and all you have to do is show up and  talk! Also, if you have any problems accessing the 
 chat room, any of the hosts will be happy to talk  you through it. We still need people to help fill-in 
 for chats, If you like to be fill-in chatter or like  to start your own time, please let me know and I 
 will add you to the list. Also if you have a idea  about who (as a guest chatter) or what subject at 
 you like to be talk about in chat I would love to  see if we can get that person or subject covered in 
 a chat. 
 To get started chatting, just goto: 
 Instructions are there at the site, and remember 
 that the password is 
            pumper  . 
 Hope to see you in the chat rooms! 
 IP Chat Hosts: 
 Jenny Nash email @ redacted 
 Carolyn Green email @ redacted  
 Rodney Mead email @ redacted   
 CJ Jutras email @ redacted  
 Andrew Bender email @ redacted  
 Ed Marsh email @ redacted  
 Dauna Breiding email @ redacted  
 Sara Falconer email @ redacted 
 Jenny Sutherland email @ redacted  
 Roselea email @ redacted  
 Melissa Howell email @ redacted 
 Stefanie Lana-Dingwell email @ redacted  
 Glenn Marks email @ redacted  
 Gina Jozaitis email @ redacted  
 Ken Buchholz email @ redacted  
 Wendy email @ redacted 
 Elizabeth email @ redacted 
 Laura Cackowski email @ redacted 
 Deb Graves email @ redacted   
 Fred Torch email @ redacted   
 Cherry Dumas email @ redacted  
 Tina Chuhay email @ redacted  
                                             REMEMBER TO  SMILE AND BE HAPPY 

 FYI: Monthly Chats with All of the Insulin Pump Makers in the USA will start in March. 
 Animas on the First Tuesday of the month at 9P.M. EST (2A.M. GMT) in the Guest Room. 

 Disetronic on the SECOND MONDAY of the month at 9P.M. EST (2A.M. GMT) in the Guest Room. 

Dana Diabecare on the Third Thursday of the month at  9P.M.EST (2A.M. GMT) in the Guest Room 


MiniMed on the Fourth Wednesday of the month 9P.M.   EST (2A.M. GMT) In the Guest room.  

Im sending copy of Chat 101

Chat 101 for Insulin- Pumpers http://www.insulin-pumpers.org 

>From Main page click on [ CHAT ] icon this will take to:

Select a chat room by clicking on box: 

You will get a drop-down list of rooms {Most chats are in anytime room but if IP has a guest speaker, they are in the [Guest] room} Pick a room to chat in by clicking on it
Then click on the [ GO ] button 

A [ ENTER NETWORK PASSWORD ] window will open 

In the User name box put [ your e-mail address You join IP with ]

In the Password box put [ pumper ]

Once room you will need to click on box to type msgs and to post it, 
click on the [ SEND/REFRESH ] box to send it. Many peoples like to change the refresh to 30secs and display number of msgs too.

Once in room say Hi!

If you have any problems ask the host or send note to [ HELP ] remember it can be fast paced at time so if you get over looked repost you msgs or ??? The Host will help but you need to ask for help. Please no flaming or PUMP WARS! Remember to BE NICE to one and another.

Once you need to go tell us Goodbye! 

Some people don't like to talk a lot so they sit back and watch this is OK too. But try to chat you just may like it!! So...........


Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org