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Re: [IP] I need input to 2 questions

Cool! I head the military families support group for the two
military hospitals our endo & his colleague serve in our
area (BNH and MAMC). Sylvia (also on this list) heads the
support group sponsored by the civilian hospital here. Now
to answer your first question (I know someone else already
answered the second one about the Angel thing)...
Our endo told me that once the kids hit their teens they are
started on ACE inhibitors (in contrast, if dx'd in adulthood
they are typically started on them right away). I thought he
said something about starting ACE's at the 5yr mark (if it
they are a teen and have had D for 5yrs) but I can't
remember. My daughter is only 11  (AND 1/2 - can't forget
that half) but has had diabetes for over 5yrs now. When she
sees the endo in a few weeks I'm planning to ask about this
issue (when she will be started). From what I know the ACE
inhibitors are safe and have a protective effect on the
kidneys. They slow down damage that is already done and can
even reverse some damage if caught soon enough. I for one
will be happy when he starts her on an ACE because we
already have a strong family history of kidney disease. I'm
all for anything he can do to stack the odds in her favor.
:) She already got the cholesterol problem (strong family
history there too) so she doesn't need the kidney problems
too. I know this won't guarantee NO problems but it will
help her. I don't know of long term side effects. Hopefully
someone else will know.

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.3yrs, pumping
2.3yrs, and 7 other blessings
~*~do-`da-ga-g`hv-i (until we meet again)~*~

Dianne said:
I head our area support group for Parents of diabetic
children.  One of the parents has asked me if I knew about
the drug Prinvil.  It's an ace inhibitor that her daughter's
endo is putting her daughter on.  She's been pumping for 3
months now.  Her daughter is 12 yrs old.  The endo said he
prescribed it so that the chances of  her daughter having
kidney problems in the future would be less.  She's hesitant
to put her daughter on it if it's not really necessary. She
was also wondering about any long term side effects.
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