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[IP] Another Hypogyclemia Question (long)

This is what my daughter did both times but when I called
the on-call doc to inform them (as we've been instructed to
do) he said they weren't seizures. Now...my 3 sisters (and 1
now deceased ex-bro-in-law) all have epilepsy to some degree
so I've seen plenty of seizures and *know* what one looks
like. She definitely had *seizures* and didn't just pass
out. I just turned her on her side, injected her with
glucagon, and waited. She came to within minutes but was
"out of sorts" the rest of the day. I knew she would be all
right once the glucagon took effect, but the two episodes
scared the bejeebers out of her siblings.

Take care, Kerri, mom of Shannon-11, dxT1 5.3yrs, pumping
2.3yrs, and 7 other blessings
~*~do-`da-ga-g`hv-i (until we meet again)~*~

Steve said:
On the beach at the lakefront, a fellow camper had a low bg
event.  I had never seen this before.  To eyes ( and to my
memory), it looked like a gran mal seizure, on the ground
with arms & legs flapping around.  He was treated and was OK
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