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Re: [IP] I need input to 2 questions

On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, Dianne Shekell wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
>     I head our area support group for Parents of diabetic children.  One of
> the parents has asked me if I knew about the drug Prinvil.  It's an ace
> inhibitor that her daughter's endo is putting her daughter on.  She's been
> pumping for 3 months now.  Her daughter is 12 yrs old.  The endo said he
> prescribed it so that the chances of  her daughter having kidney problems in
> the future would be less.  She's hesitant to put her daughter on it if it's
> not really necessary. She was also wondering about any long term side
> effects.
>     The second question is, another member has pump supplies that she wants
> to give them to someone in need.  Someone mentioned the "Angel (something)"
> that they sent all their extra supplies to.  Could someone give the correct
> name or web site?  Thanks.
> Mom, to Johnny 9

This is just what I've "heard". Most or all of the long term studies have
been done on adults. There is no specific evidence that in patients
without disease that it either helps or hurts. What evidence there
is suggests that ace inhibitors have the potential to reduce or eliminate
a host of problems relating to the circulatory system and small artery
disease -- heart, kidney, eye, etc...
There are some side effects -- lower blood pressure, occasional dry
mouth, nausea, etc.... but these are rare and switching to another ACE
inhibitor can eliminate them. The most common -- lower blood pressure
ususually is a good thing except in some youths and older people that
already have low blood pressure -- then it's a hassle.

If the child has evidence of damage to kidneys or other then the endo's
concern is warranted. If not, I would recommend a consult with a

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