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[IP] amount to fill cartridge

I ALWAYS fill my cartridge completely up - all 300 units - in cold weather and
warm weather and not have had any problems.  I was in sunny, hot Arizona for
the last ten days (but live in cold Iowa) and did not have any problems with
my pump, insulin, etc. in the 95 degree temps in Arizona and was in the sun
most of the time - even climbing one mountain that got up to 3000 feet above
sea level.  I always have my pump in my front shorts pocket or inside a sports
bra.  I usually use around 30 - 35 units per day and the cartridge usually
lasts about 8 days (depending on what I eat).  I change my set every 2 1/2
days and the tubing on every other site change.  I was taught by my CDE that
there is no need to change the cartridge until it is empty and it has worked
for me.  Takes less cartridges that way.  I know there are many other people
on this site that do this also.  I get a "low insulin alarm" at 20 units (that
is where I chose to set it) and if I am around home I just let it run clear
out before putting in a new cartridge; if I will be out of the house for the
day I plan accordingly and either change before I leave the house or take a
syringe and insulin along (just in case).
I always disconnect for baths, etc. and when using both the Comforts and the
Ultra-Flex I just prime for a few seconds each time before reconnecting just
to see one drop of insulin come out of the tubing.  It seems that as soon as
you disconnect there is always a small air space that forms at the end of the
tubing by the "connecting part" - at least on me anyway because I run such low
basals.  If I did not prime for just one drop to get the insulin back to the
end of the "connecting part" that very small air space that is in the end of
the tubing would take a long time to fill back up at a very low basal rate and
could mean a long time without insulin for me.
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