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Re: [IP] minimum basal rates - Marion and Gabe

The clinical folks at Minimed are fallible.  I've had a couple of experiences 
with misinformation.  Don't get me wrong, this is not a slam on the clinical 
department at Minimed.  I've also received help.  A few months ago, I was 
switching to sils because I was having absorption problems with quicksets.  
This was shortly before the silserter came out.  I wasn't sure how the sil 
was supposed to look when it was in.  I tried three times, called, and three 
times they told me that I had inserted incorrectly.  Same situation when I 
first used the silserter, they didn't have anyone that could talk me through 
it over the phone.  Someone ended up reading the packaging insert to me.  
After the weekend my CDE looked at my site, and we spoke about the three 
previous sites, I had it correct the entire time.  My point is, sometimes you 
have to take what is said with a grain of salt, especially if it doesn't make 
sense to you.  I understand that sometimes it impossible to know that being a 
brand new pumper. 

 I know that for the most part, the people that post to this list are not 
"medical professionals" but folks that have hands on experience with the 
pump.  Lots of parents with children that pump.  I have to believe that there 
are parents of children on this list using basal rates of .3 and under.  
There have been occasions when I've cut my basal to .2 after exercise.

Hang in there Marion~we're all behind you!!!

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