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[IP] RE: needle phobes

<I can give myself just about any type of needle (except IV), but for someone
else to stick me, I cringe.  I don't know.  I'm weird.  >

Jenn, I don't think you're wierd...I'm exactly the same!  I like to be in
control of giving the needle.  When I was first diagnosed, my boyfriend
(husband now) wanted to give me one of my needles to see what it was like...I
said NO WAY - instead I gave him an empty syringe and told him to stick it in
himself!  I've always hated needles - I never had freezing at the dentist
growing up (and I have a mouthful of fillings) because I was afraid of the
needle.  I even hate to see anyone else get a needle, it makes me cringe.  But
I don't mind giving myself pokes.
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