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[IP] vast unpaid research dept

Hello all:
I am coming to you with a slightly off topic request. As some of you may
remember, I am a computer consultant. I have been happy and successful
selling technology solutions for over six years. Now, I want move into the
medical/pharmaceutical sales industry, hopefully with a diabetes focus. Many
of these positions require some sort of previous medical experience. I am
debating working part time in a pharmacy or something to gain some medical
job history. Any of you folks have any better ideas or recommendations?

Also, when applying for a "diabetes job," what are then pros and cons of
mentioning that I am diabetic prior to an offer? I know that could be seen
as a liability and I typically would not mention it. However would the
benefit of knowing the disease and being committed to it on a personal level
off-set that liability in the employer's mind?
Amy Anderson
email @ redacted
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