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Re: [IP] Re: Gabe and high bg's

Well, thanks...yes, we are hanging in there; I absolutely love his pump; that 
is the truth; I am ASHAMED that I have been injecting him so long; poor baby.

We had a 3 hour training session with CDE.  I asked doctor what to do next 
and he said to come back in three months.

Of course, everyone gave me their cards and cell phones and pagers, so please 
don't think they did not.  Also, the doctor on call was very prompt and nice. 

I guess it was a trial and error thing.  We got a preliminary basal rate the 
first day and I already knew how to do the fasting tests, but I never 
expected the preliminary rate to be so far off as to allow such jumps in 
b.g...that is what fooled me.  Looking back now, each of the site failures 
(except the blood in the cannula) could still have been attributed to lack of 
basal and could have been handled by continued use of the pump.

Live and learn; I can't look back now....because we are not going back to 
injections.  I am so happy!!!!

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