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Re: [IP] minimum basal rates - Marion and Gabe

meg teg <email @ redacted> wrote:

>  Maybe this is a YMMV situation.

Well, maybe a PMMV*, more likely an IMMV** situation, but not a YMMV

> I was also told that
> the pump could clog at low basals. When I pulled my
> set out last time, the end of the cannula had a plug
> of something in it.

I think this was more common with Regular than with Humalog or Novolog, and
has to do mostly with the buffering of the insulin.  Humalog and Novolog are
identically buffered, BTW.  I'm not sure why Novolog is FDA approved for
pumps while Humalog is not - maybe Novo just applied sooner.

*PMMV = Pump Milage May Vary
**IMMV = Insulin Milage May Vary

Note - since such a clog appears before it enters the body (i.e. in the
cannula), it can't be a matter of one's reaction to it, so it is not YMMV.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are mine and do not necessarily represent those of my
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