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Re: [IP] Re: Gabe and high bg's

In a message dated 3/2/2002 6:21:51 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> exactly what testing schedule you should be doing and what type of basal 
> profile s/he wants you to start with  (why in the world is MM clinical 
> services telling you what basal rate -- .3 -- to start with anyways?!?!?) 
> -- 
> and then having you faxing numbers on a daily basis for a at least a week 
> and 
> then contacting 

I guess I am seeing that we were not getting the answers we needed.  Now I am 
suspecting that some of the failed sites were fine and I just needed to bolus 
more and tune-up the basals.  A missing unit of basal is a lot for a small 

I GUARANTEE YOU, that I was told that .3 units have to pump through the pump 
as basal for it to work correctly.  That is what finally made me decide to 
dump the Ultralente; there would no point to reduce the Ultralente enough to 
pump .3.

My husband is an aeronautical/mechanical engineer.  I was on the phone with 
MiniMed and he said that he had one and only one question.  He got on and 
asked them about the "minimum basal".  They put him on hold to go check with 
someone, maybe a supervisor, or someone and they came back and told him that 
the minimum was .3.  I believe the customer service person we spoke with was 

Anyway, good thing they said that or Gabe would still be injecting 
Ultralente.  There is a reason for everything.

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