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[IP] Re:Re: Disconnecting WAS Do it to me one more time

When I disconnect for a shower, I prime .2 before I disconnect. I do not turn 
my pump off. I don't seem to have any problems after I reconnect. Figure out 
how ofter the pump delivers, and how much. Then, figure out how long the 
shower will be and prime that amount to cover that time.

It should work.


In a message dated 3/2/02 4:26:02 PM, email @ redacted writes:

>Marion wrote that Gabe was to 4) Prime after every disconnect to shower...
>Hi Marion,
>I use Sils and have a MM508.  I disconnect to shower, but I do not "suspend"
>(turn off) my pump while disconnected.  I was taught that leaving the pump
>running keeps positive press
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