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[IP] Disconnect while showering, etc.

We were told by diabetes educator, that there is very little insulin loss 
while showering.  To just disconnect, leaving pump running and on a clean 
towel on counter, shower, then reconnect.  Have not had any problems at all.

When Jake has had troubles with his high blood sugars, we have often found he 
has either forgotten a bolus, needs to drink sugar free liquids (dehydrated), 
or he has eaten and not carb counted the correct amount.  Sometimes, the 
highs that are unexplainable, are an illness coming on too.

We had to change Jake's carb ratio also, when he hit puberty.  He went from 
15/1 to 12/1.  He is eating us out of house and home!

I am still very new to all this, and I thank you all for the help and advice 
you have given!

Judy, Mom to Jake, pumping since 8/01
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