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[IP] Re:Marion and Gabe

    Ok, both of you, deep breath.  Sure sounds like the U may be finally
winding out of Gabe's system.  If true, you will probably see some pretty
wild numbers until basals, PPU drop, I/C ratio are confirmed as the best.
Since Gabe had such excellent control on MDI, I think the switchover to
pumping is harder for you.              Hubby had such horrible swings on
MDI, that when he began pumping, the swings that did happen (and were
anticipated which is why we had 24 hr/da access to the CDE, as well as
answering service for endo), but for him after a couple of weeks things
settled down.
    I've wondered from the start since you were using both U and pump at one
time, if that just made things harder to see the whole forest.  Yes, if
numbers are really high, if he definitely has no U in his system, then you
will need to correct.  What has the endo said?  Were you given a chart for
correction (can be VERY different from MDI)?  Hubby's endo was so on target
with initial basal rate, I/C, PPUdrop that it now seems scary.  Guess the
endo has a wizard figuring for him.
    Unless Hubby was really out toward the moon, and starting trace ketones,
endo did not want correction bolus until 4 hrs after prior meal bolus.  Yes,
this was nerve wracking, and did once need to do correction earlier.
However, helped with fine tuning basal rates, and I/C ratio.
At present, Hubby has 3 basal rates, I/C ratio varies depending on which
meal of the day and planned activity for day, and any blood sugar swings are
much less than ever could have dreamed possible on MDI.
Hang in there.  Just repeat over and over: "forest, forest, forest."  Plus,
you have the best tool with the "Pumping Insulin" book.
Marj; Mike (I'm not into computers, but glad to be on this list); and "Ace,
the PP" (portable pancreas)
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