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[IP] Re: Gabe and high bg's

Marion stated:  Yes, I have read the John Walsh book......he only 
says to change site if you have two unexplained b.g.s that are high 
in a row.
1) How long to wait between checking?
2) How long to wait for bolus to work.
B.g. before breakfast 78...
Same breakfast as every weekday...same dose
1 hour  169
2.5 hours  269
Stayed calm; Gabe called me; he is not home right now.  Told him to bolus 3
units which is what I would do normally if injecting for that high b.g.
He will check and call in about an hour.
What to do next, I don't know.   I just know that the pump stays on and we
keep at it.<<

Hi Marion,

If Gabe's basal rates are not established, then you won't know if the 
boluses are working.  You'd be in a constant state of catch-up 
bolusing.  Then when they are absorbed, high bg's again.  When all 
the Ultralente is out of Gabe's system, I think you need to start 
first and foremost on figuring out his basal rates.  I don't know how 
much Gabe weighs, but when Noah started pumping, he was 12, 110-120 
lbs., very active, and needed .7 per hour basals during the day, .6 
during the night.  Hang in there!  It sounds like things are 

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