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Re: [IP] Correction Boluses and Passing Out From Lows

>I just wanted to let you know what I was told. My CDE said to never do 
> >more than 1 correction( bolus for high sugar) in a 3 hour time span.
>I accidently did just that the other day, and by the afternoon, I had 
> >dropped to 46!!  ( I always do wonder at what # I'll pass out at... 
> >Anyone know?)

I was told something similar.  No correcting more than every four hours, 
unless there's a serious problem like illness, or something like that.

I've passed out at all kinds of different numbers, and didn't pass out when 
I thought I would have.   I was in the low 20's the other day, but felt 
fine;  (I still have very limited hypo awareness, I guess.)  and I've had 
ambulances at my house and gone into convulsions in the 40's.  I always 
wondered about why I react so differently during lows.  Anyone know?

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