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[IP] Re: Suspending pump for showering

>>Jan stated in response to Marion's post:
Also, I read in your post yesterday, that you prime when Gabe 
reconnects after a shower.  I don't understand the need to prime,  I 
don't suspend when I disconnect, my CDE instructed that it was just 
easier.  Very little insulin is lost when disconnected for a short 
period of time.  There was some discussion about suspending could 
possibly cause clogging.<<

I agree with Jan.  Noah does not put his pump in "suspend" mode when 
he showers and he doesn't go high or have any problems doing it that 
way and is one less thing he needs to worry about.  He simply 
disconnects and reconnects when done.  We don't bother to bolus the 
basal lost since it is such a minimal amount, unless he takes an 
extremely loooooong shower, which is beginning to happen more often 
now that he is 15!

I agree with Natalie about correcting highs.  You have to consider 
all the factors before concluding that you need additional insulin or 
that you have a bad site one to two hours after that first one. 
Also, newbie pumpers don't have their basal rates figured out yet, so 
that could also be an important factor.  It sounds like the site 
might get blamed too quickly when it could be other things...high-fat 
meal lingering, incorrect basal rates, incorrect bolus, stress, etc. 
Pumping could also end up changing bolus to carb ratios.  Maybe 
you'll find you need a low basal rate but a higher insulin to carb 
ratio than on MDI's, or vice-versa.  Pumping small increments of 
insulin in round the clock is much different than having Ultralente 
or NPH in your system affecting you differently at different times of 
the day.  I hope you understand what I'm trying to say!

I agree with Jan regarding using Ultralente with pumping.  I don't 
see how you would ever get basal rates (which are fundamental in pump 
therapy) set properly with Ultralente factoring in or even judge carb 
to bolus ratios.  Noah's Ultralente lasted longer than 24 hours when 
he started pumping.  I think it was more like 48 hours.  I was GLAD 
when that cleared his system so I could really know what was going on 
with his basal insulin and profile to get it right.  Once that was 
done, the boluses became MUCH easier!  Of course, we still get thrown 
on high-fat meals occasionally, even when we use the square and dual 
wave features, but no biggie.  Just do a correction a couple hours 
out using the tips Natalie mentioned.

In response to all the Mini-Med customer service problems...we have 
always found them to be very efficient and extremely courteous.

Sorry so long...I get the digest form so I'm responding to several 
posts all at once!

Cindy, mom to 15 y/o Noah, pumping 6/99, dx age 9, and 11 y/o Micah, 
wife to Steve
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