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Re: [IP] Question re set change

> << For those of you who change your set every 48 hours, do you throw away
> the unused insulin?  >>
> Heavens no!   :-)   I save the needle top from the reservoir, reconnect it
> the old reservoir after I've disconnected the tubing, and shoot the
> insulin back into the bottle.  I would suggest that you shoot the insulin
> back slowly, though--when I was doing it really quickly (pushing the
> down super fast, that is), I had more small air bubbles than I wanted to
> with.

Do not hold the vial with the neck down to re-inject the insulin. You have
to do that to withdraw it, but not to put it in. Shouldn't have any bubbles
that way. Right, a super-fast squirt would *stir it up* sufficiently to
cause bubbles. I have never put insulin back into a vial - my quirkiness
fears contamination. I know many do that and it works. I just keep it in the
reservoir and add to that if needed. Those 20u in the 43" tubing, and 20u in
the Leur Lock are valuable. YMMV (~_^)

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