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Re: [IP] "Do it to me one more time"

> In a message dated 3/2/02 4:14:30 AM !!!First Boot!!!,
> email @ redacted writes:
> > no tugging at the tubing meaning no "dropping" the pump; make a safety loop
> > 
> How do you do this?  I was never taught anything about this. 

It is really only necessary for certain sets.

SofSet, Rapid, bent or straight needles.

The other sets have a large enough adhesive pad so that if you hook 
the tube on anything or drop the pump the set will stay in place. I 
suppose if you have "won't stick" problems this would not be the 
case, but those problems should be addressed sperately so the set 
sticks properly to begin with. With a properly seated set if you hook 
a door knob or something you should end up with a very stretched tube 
:-)   It looks kinda funny, but still works fine.

email @ redacted
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