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>I am confused...can't afford to be confused at this point.
>B.g. before a meal: normal     90
>B.g. after a meal (one hour)   350
>Bolus a correction (although, that makes no sense.  Gabe is NEVER 350 after
>meal).  Wait 3-4 hours til Humalog finishes????????  What if b.g. continues
>to rise.

If I'm 350 an hour after a meal, it means I really screwed up my meal bolus.
(But this never happens to me, either -- I just used it for simplicity for

I don't usually even check until 2 hours after the meal. And if I'm high,
then I correct, IF I have a reason to believe that I need it: I had a
high-fat meal, or if I'm way higher than I expected to be (which is why I
used the 350 number -- actually, my "higher than I expect" is over 200).

But even there, if I'm 250 two hours after a high-carb, low-fat meal, I
won't correct, because I know that the Humalog is still working. If I'm that
high FOUR hours after that meal, I correct, because I know the Humalog is
pretty well used up.

If it was a high-fat meal, and I'm 250 two hours later, then I know I need a
correction and probably another one 2 hours after that. Or else, if I was
smart, I'd have used the dual wave/ temporary basal to begin with. And even
then, I sometimes need correction -- it's hard to predict fat's effect on
BGs, because it varies according to how many carbs I've eaten!

This is probably clear as mud, but what I'm trying to say is that there is
no easy formula -- you have to take a lot of variables into account, and NOT
panic and over-correct.

Natalie ._c-
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