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Re: [IP] Question re set change

In a message dated 3/1/2002 11:44:22 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> For those of you who change your set every 48 hours, do you throw away all 
>  the unused insulin?  <snip>
>  This is assuming our site makes it for 48 hours...

We use an Animas pump, not MM, but for us, we fill the cartidge full and the 
only change out the cartridge every other set change (every 6-7 days).  Are 
you switching to Novolog?  That really is your best shot at getting site 
longevity, given the experience you've had so far .   .   .  At least it 
sounds like you've got Gabe taped and Mastisoled enough that the set's not 
going to fall out this time and hopefully you won't have any more blood in 
the cannula incidents . . . Hang in there!  

One thing that you can do that's a compromise between just letting him run 
high and running back to shots, is to do one injection correct a high . . . 
Sometimes I've found that it I get one highish number  that a bolus doesn't 
seem to correct (and if it's not close to time for a set change), If I do one 
correction via injection and bring katie down into range, her numbers then 
stay fine . . . don't know why this works sometimes, just that it does (and 
of course if she starts to go up again after the shot brings her down, then 
we do change her out) -- but it's another option for you. . .

Good luck!

Pumpmama to Katie
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