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Re: [IP] Vent! et al...

Sylvia thinks doctors don't have to keep up to date Quote omitted for
brevity: Well Sylvia seat yourself firmly on your tush! In NJ and PA as well
as every other state I know of there is something called CME credits,
Continuing Medical Education credits You need to amass 150 of htese per year
here in the US to get a certificate of CME Most medical societies feel this
is the minimum to practice and so advises the State Board of Medical
examiners which grants the licenses. So your Ill advised premise is totally
wrong. There is no requirement as to what credits your doc should obtain.
The last Neurology convention where they offered courses I took Contemporary
Neuropathology, Treatment and prevention of Stroke and New treatments for
Parkinson's disease. I consider myself up to date on those areas. No courses
were offered on Insulin-pump therapy as it was a neurology meeting. I don't
even practice at this point in my life. Most docs are self disiplined and
take education seriously. You can't be a professional and not realize you
need to spend your life learning. spot
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