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[IP] minimum basal rates - Marion and Gabe

Marion wrote:

>3) Stop Ultralente and let minimum of .3 basal through the pump all >the 

The minimum basal rate should have nothing to do with "making the pump work 
correctly".  The basal rate should be solely based on the needs of your 
body.  I run a basal rate of .05 for 4 hours per day, .10 for about four 
hours per day, a couple of hours of .15, .20 and .25 and then a couple hours 
of .60, .65 and .70 for dawn phen.  If I was to run a minimum of .3 just to 
make my pump work correctly I would run low about 2/3rds of the day.  The 
pump (whatever brand you have) will work correctly at the minimum basal rate 
the pump can be set for.  If there is an occlusion - it will alarm no matter 
how low you have the basal rate set for.
Good luck in pumping and getting your basals set right.  I was changing my 
site approx. every 2 1/2 days and saw a new CDE yesterday and she stated 
most of her patients were changing every 2 days no matter what just due to 
"better absorption".  My absorption does ten to deteriorate on the 3rd day 
on a regular basis; so the 2 day change does seem to make sense.  (Still 
less than 5 to 6 shots per day)

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