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[IP] Re: Gabe's pumping again

> He has a safety loop held in place with an
> ordinary bandaid.

Some of us are allergic to many tapes. Ordinary Band-Aids have actually
peeled some of my skin off. That's why the pump companies offer
hypo-allergenic tapes and surgical tapes. You might reconsider.

> He had his LAST SHOT of
> ultralente this morning as I am getting mixed messages about that issue;
> least, some are telling me that he needs at least .3 basal per hour to
> pump running well, so there is no point to Ultralente.

*I* think this is a highly dangerous thing to do. With the UL in his system
you cannot tell what the pump is doing. The pump isn't given a chance. If
the UL is stopped (it takes some people maybe even a week for it to clear
from their systems) and Humalog/Novolog only is used, then a couple days
later more UL is injected, it is clouding the whole purpose. ;)

> 4) Prime after every disconnect to shower

At this point, I think #4 needs a real walk-through or supervision. Does the
prime go inside the body or outside? How much prime? Etc.

> 5) Change site when bad and don't go back to injections so easily

How is the decision made if the site is bad? A high BG? It's bad if there
are two *unexplained* highs in a row. Explained highs can be attributed to a
certain food eaten, underlying infection, stress, underactivity. Don't
change the site because they are high - changed if they are *unexplained*
highs. ;)

> 1) one high sugar, bolus, check in an hour
> 2) second high sugar, bolus and check in an hour or if rising, inject and
> change the site.

Reread my last paragraph. Don't just change if it is high, change if it is
unexplained. Pizza, spaghetti, rice, etc. may be the explanation and why
yank a good site when it can be corrected with a dual/square wave bolus?

Please have someone hide the UltraLente for a month so you cannot use it and
rely only on the pump and Humalog/Novolog. This will give it a truer, fairer
chance. Thousands have been successful at this and there is no reason Gabe
isn't capable, too.

BTW, I do NOT through the insulin away. I have often sucked it back into the
reservoir when the res. is out of the pump, and put on a new tubing/infusion
set. I'm too frugal to waste that amount when there are starving people in
China - or others who HAVE to use it all due to all out-of-pocket costs. I
might be there someday - sooner than I plan.  (~_^)

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