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[IP] Re: needle phobes / bent needles

> I started pumping in July 1995 with a MiniMed 506 (upgraded to 508 in
> Sept. 2000) using bent needle infusion sets. At that time none of the
> infusion sets with plastic cannulas had reached the market, so I used
> the best thing available, the bent needle. I have never had any
> problems with bent needles. I believe that all the infusion sets with
> plastic cannulas were brought to the market as an attempt to deal with
> the people who are needle phobes. As long as you don't fear the needle
> the bent needle works fine.
<snip> I have never even tried a plastic cannula because for me the
> bent needle has been reliable and comfortable. Why ask for trouble?
<snip> Why am I not a needle phobe? Probably because I had 52.5 years of
> experience with self injection before I started pumping.
> Tom Beatson

Well, I want to comment on some of the above. I have had IDDM 51+ years and
am not a needle phobe. I began pumping 18.5 years ago and used a straight
needle which we bent ourselves - then someone got the bright idea to
pre-bend them to charge more $$. I didn't spend the extra $ since I could do
the proper bend mesef - but it was the same thing as stated above. I hated
those needles - no, I'm not a needle phobe - but I had fire pain with each
step when they were inserted in my legs. I got red sites in my stomach. My
purse or grocery cart or little kids feet when holding one (kid, not foot)
would punch the site and make it bleed.

I (for 9 yrs) had to use a metal eye patch with holes in it and a covering
around the *sharp* edges, to cover my site for protection. I had to stretch
apart a cotton ball to fill the center of it so that metal wasn't touching
me, either. I taped this over the site - it didn't make too much of a bump.

It always disturbs me when someone knows other people are *phobes* and can't
handle their way. I never gave up pumping because of this, but when I
changed to a MiniMed pump in '92 the customer service person told me about
the Sof-Sets and the Teflon canula. They were more expensive, but I could
get away from that metal stuck in me. I have used SS's since then - Oh, and
have not gone to Quick Release since that was before they came out and I got
adjusted to showering, etc. without. Why should I pay more $$ for something
I could/can handle on my own? YMMV (~_^)

\(/ Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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